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New Age · New Trend

New Age · New Trend

In 2019, WeChat announced that they now have over 1.1 billion monthly active users.  That meant “WeJob” is possible to be accessed by the 1.1 billion users including HK and PRC.

Communication and Social Our strategic focus in this business is strengthening connections between users via digital content, online services, and offline services, as well as enhancing connections with enterprises leveraging Mini Programs, Weixin Pay and WeChat Work.

To strengthen our connections with enterprises, we facilitated discovery of merchants’ Mini Programs and sales conversion by enhancing Weixin in-app search and live broadcast functions. The number of daily transactions generated within Mini Programs more than doubled year-on-year, and their transaction value exceeded RMB800 billion in 2019.

Looking forward, we seek to make our users’ everyday life more convenient through our communication products, to develop the full potential of Mini Programs, and to introduce new social experiences enabled by technology innovations.

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Jobs, Eat, Home Services, Discounts and Your Categories

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